Build your referral network and earn rewards every time your referrals protect their assets.
NFT Protect
Referral program
  1. Go to dapp NFT Protect
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Access the Referral page on NFT Protect by clicking on the User profile icon on your header and selecting Referral program.
Join the Referral program
Share your Referral link with friends and subscribers
There are two primary methods to invite your friends.
Copy the URL
This URL opens a page for signing up for an account. When you share this link and your friend signs up, their account will be automatically labeled as being referred by you. You can copy this link and paste it into a text or email.

Social icons
Click the social icons to automatically share your referral link and information about NFT Protect.
Total referrals - the total number of referrals who registered using your link.
Total payouts - the total amount of income from the referral program.
Rewards history - history of all rewards.
Check your rewards
The referral program becomes active once the referral protects their first asset. For each NFT protection completed by your referral, a 5% commission is transferred to your wallet. And your friend will get a coupon for free protection from our team for signing up.
You can always check your rewards history and the total amount earned through the program.
Frequently Asked Questions
Everything you need to know about the Referral program.

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