NFT Protect не просто предупреждает о возможной угрозе для ваших активов, а предотвращает ее, восстановливая активы после кражи, фишинговых атак, инцидентов социальной инженерии и случайных переводов.
Integrate a new layer of security for NFTs
Revert any attacks, without prevention

NFT Protect offers technology at the intersection of smart contracts, decentralized identification (DID) and a dispute resolution system through the Kleros decentralized court.

NFT Protect allows you to create protected versions (pNFTs), keeping the original in self-custody and providing effective protection, allowing you to recover your assets if they are lost or stolen.

How different projects can benefit from partnering with us

  • NFT Marketplaces
    By providing additional layers of protection, marketplaces can significantly increase the trust and confidence of their user base, potentially driving higher transaction volumes and user retention.
  • NFT Creators
    Protect your creations with NFT Protect's innovative security mechanisms. These mechanisms ensure that your work and the investments of your collectors are safeguarded against theft and loss.
  • DeFi Projects
    Collaborate on bespoke security solutions that meet the specific needs of your project, leveraging NFT Protect's flexible framework to innovate and co-develop new offerings.

Integration Process

Interested in partnering with NFT Protect? Simply integrate pNFT (EIP-XXX) with our comprhensive guides or reach out to our partnership team by filling a form. We'll discuss your needs, explore potential synergies, and outline the next steps to kickstart our collaboration.

  • Preliminary Requirements
    Ensure your platform or project is compatible with basic technical requirements of using EIP-XXX (protected NFT).
  • Step-by-Step Integration Guide
    Follow our detailed technical documentation to integrate the NFT Protect smart contracts and APIs into your platform.
  • Technical Support and Resources
    Our technical support team is available to assist you throughout the integration process.

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